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FIFA 20 Ultimate Team gets AI Teammate improvement with update 1.19

EA SPORTS released the latest 1.19 update for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and pc. The update is around 3 GB for al platforms.

The patch notes are not very long, well it is just one line, but a important one with a good change! The latest Title Update for FIFA 20 is now available on all platforms and addresses the following:

  • A stability issue in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team related to an AI Teammate interfering with the ball’s trajectory, resulting in a goal.

”Thanks to those who’ve provided feedback. Throughout the course of the FIFA 20 season we’ll provide you with more information and updates if and when they become available”

EA also just released a patch where the Overload Ball Side D-Pad Tactic is further addressed and the digital advertising boards in a stadium get a small adjustment.