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How to unlock new gear in FIFA 20 VOLTA FOOTBALL

FIFA 20 VOLTA FOOTBALL Drops give you the chance to express your style in new ways with fresh gear for your Avatar and VOLTA SQUAD. From hoodies and t-shirts to trainers, tattoos, and more, earn unique items in each Drop by completing Objectives or unlock them using VOLTA COINS – gained with every match.

VOLTA DROPS can have items tiered into four rarities: Noble, Rare, Epic and Legendary, with items increasing in value as you progress through the ladder. Each Drop will also have multiple ladders based upon different themes which reward you with different items and also allow you to collect entire themed outfits with which to outfit your Avatar or VOLTA FOOTBALL Squad.

To unlock items, you can either use VOLTA COINS – earned by competing in matches and tournaments within VOLTA FOOTBALL – or by completing themed in-game challenges which are linked to each item in the ladder. To unlock Legendary items and earn the most prestigious items, you’ll need to complete the rest of the challenges in the corresponding ladder, or unlock them using VOLTA COINS.

Remember, the items in each Drop are only available to earn for a limited time, giving you the chance to create some killer combinations as you put your own unique stamp on yours and your VOLTA SQUAD’s outfits. Then, take it to the street and show off your creations on the pitch.