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New Team Squad Battles for FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

Team Squad Battles has been introduced in FIFA 18 and has proven to be one of the most popular modes. In FUT 20, there is a new interface which puts a better emphasis on the details of the squad you’re about to face.

You’ll see the top three players from each squad, some details on the current tactical setup and formation, the kits and stadium, as well as the ratings for the squad and their chemistry displayed more clearly. Those opponent squads will feature their customization as well, with Tifo and stadium themes carrying into each match.

In addition to the improved interface for opponent selection, EA SPORTS made some changes to the fundamentals of squad battles, which should improve things for you by enabling easier access to playing your matches on your schedule.

The timed refreshes in Squad Battles has been removed for FUT 20. You will now be able to refresh 4 new squads whenever you want, until you hit your maximum of 10 refreshes for the weekly competition (up 40 games per week). While those first 10 refreshes are the only squads which will count towards your weekly competition standings, you will be able to continue to refresh and get new opponent squads to work on completing objectives or just for some fresh opponents to play.

EA SPORTS also included the Team of the Week as a recurring Squad Battles opponent. Which, along with the Featured Squad Battle, you’ll now be able to replay if desired to try and improve your final score. You’ll need to balance risk and reward when you re-match and replace your previous score in an attempt to earn more points, push yourself higher up the leaderboards, and gain better rewards.

EA SPORTS FIFA 20 launches worldwide September 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The demo for FIFA 20 will be released worldwide on September 12 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.